Exterior Painting

The first level of protecting your building.  One of the most basic steps in keep the exterior envelope of any home or building protected is the exterior painting.  This is not an area that should be overlooked and could possibly be the biggest investment in protecting the life of a building structure.

The exterior coating on a building is what protects it against the elements of any weather.  It is often regarded as something that is decorative more than protective.  So, unless it starts to look faded people do not think about a painting project.  However, when you think about it as the skin of the structure it takes on a more important role. By the time paint starts to show signs of breaking down, damage to the stucco and concrete behind it could have already occurred. 

Exterior Painting
Stucco Repair

Stucco Repairs

Stucco could be considered your second level of protecting your building.  It is the often what can crack and cause leaking into may areas of a building.  Also, it is normally the damage that first becomes visible alerting owners to possible areas of severe damage.  In any case it should never be ignored.  Experienced professionals are the only way to make sure that you are fully informed as to what may be occurring.  It could be as simple as the stucco surface being cracked and water getting behind it causing it to delaminate from the structural concrete or it could be the structural concrete spalling (see section on Concrete Repairs) and fracturing the stucco.

Deck and Walkway Coatings

In the past several years, manufacturers have come out with so many products that appear to be more than just the old-fashioned single-color coating.  There are products that allow us to create faux finishes that look like tile, brick, and slate.  The range of colors is as wide as the pattern and textures.  They can be matched on elevated balcony’s where waterproofing systems are important as well as balcony and walkways that are on grade and waterproofing is not needed.

Walkway Coating
Concrete Restoration

Concrete Repairs

Moisture from salt water, humidity or precipitation enters the concrete; the water evaporates, but the salt remains. An unexpected thing about concrete is that it is porous, even though it looks like a hard surface salt can enter, even it there are not obvious cracks.  When the salt reaches the rebar, which is providing the structural support to the concrete, the rebar rusts. Rust can cause rebar to expand up to seven times its original thickness.  As the rebar expands and pushes outward, it fractures the concrete, which is what results in the most common damage referred to as concrete spalling. Concrete on an elevated balcony can be repaired by removing the damaged concrete, cleaning the rebar, coating it with a rust inhibitor and replacing the concrete with new design mix products. 

This is an extremely basic explanation for the cause and repair; however, situations may be different, which is why hiring a contractor that is experienced is critical.

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